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Moving Pictures Inc.

Digital Production Studio


Creative digital boutique. 


We develop and produce content with purpose and meaning that engages and entertains. 


Our projects are visually intimate, emotionally moving, with strong characters, and intent.  We love creating stories that tell themselves and come to their own conclusions. These projects are infused with their own style and are given the care they deserve.  The results are unique and genuine.

Our work ranges from documentary, corporate, medical, web design and everything in between, for distribution around the globe.

Moving Pictures

Our Team

Orly Wiseman


Ed Wiseman


Karen Haberberg


Orly is a true multi-tasker, with an impressive track record in producing Emmy Award-winning TV shows, films, and videos. Her ability to balance creative ideas with logistical challenges and budget constraints is a rare talent, making her an invaluable asset to any production team.


With her cell phone, laptop, and portable charger always at the ready, Orly is always on top of things, no matter where she is or what the situation may be.


Her positive attitude and "Sure, no problem!" approach inspire confidence and trust in those around her, knowing that she will always find a way to make things work.


Beyond her work in the entertainment industry, Orly is a talented cook who can recreate any flavor or recipe she's tasted. When she's not producing shows or cooking up a storm, she can be found in her garden, dreaming up new ideas for her next project.

Ed is a true visionary in the world of creative storytelling. With a knack for designing new projects and transforming team ideas into amazing stories, Ed is a master at writing, directing, and producing.


His impressive resume includes work on Emmy Award-winning TV shows, corporate media, and documentaries, earning him eight Emmy awards along the way.


But Ed's talents don't just stop at storytelling. His team members have also won major awards in every category, a testament to his leadership and ability to bring out the best in those around him.


As a self-proclaimed digital junkie, Ed loves to explore new gadgets and software, always on the cutting edge of technology. In fact, some even say that he designed the whole iPad experience for kids before it even hit the market, showcasing his innate ability to envision the future and bring it to life through his work. True!

Karen is an amazing portrait and event photographer specializing in capturing natural moments. She has been working with Ed and Orly for almost twenty years.  

Her photographs have been exhibited in New York City galleries and published in

magazines and newspapers including New York Family Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Out New York.  


She has also curated numerous exhibitions and worked with well known photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Elliot Erwitt, Joyce Tenneson, Gillian Laub, among others.

Her clients love her.  She has an easygoing style that puts everyone at ease and allows her to capture perfect moments. 

Karen has just published her first book: An Ordinary Day. The tabletop book raises awareness for families with children who have rare genetic diseases. 

Partners & Clients

We have partnered with the networks, distributors, and clients including: CBS, PBS, SHO, HIST, TVLAND, TRU, DISC, CNBC, NICK, WE, AMC, SYN, and others.  Corporate clients and organizations we have worked with recently include PwC, J & J, Horizon, Gavi, Brother, CNCF, and The Airway Revolution Foundation.


We have experience working with A-List talent including: Angelina Jolie, Richard Gere, Jeff Bridges, Spike Lee, Aretha Franklin, Michael Douglas, Patti LaBelle, Cindy Crawford, LeVar Burton, Susan Sarandon, Tim Burton, Martha Stewart, Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Danny Glover, Sonia Braga, and others.

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